A little box of design 


INTRODUCING A simple, fresh approach to interior desigN, delivered straight to your door.


Born from the belief that good design should be available to everyone, and a healthy dose of design confidence is your best friend. 

CurateHer design boxes are curated interior schemes inspired by the Australian aesthetic and lifestyle.   
Lovingly created by Melbourne based founder Sharon Parker, an Interior Designer with over 16 years experience.

Delivered straight to your doorstep - this is design confidence you can take with you.  Because we are just as passionate about your interior design outcome, as you are.

welcome to curateher.

a collection of professionally curated DIY design kits, filled to the brim with stunning interior design solutions. 

Planning a renovation or new Home build can be                    for everyone

Imagine Being Able To                 
The Outcome Of Your Renovation Before You Even Begin



With a total of 16 different schemes, this collection pays homage to our love of Australian design, our unique lifestyle and the incredible landscapes surrounding us, both near and far. 

A fresh take on traditional interior styles, we've harnessed the way a
space speaks to you, the story it tells and how that story makes you feel.

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What Is A CurateHer Design Box?

Our design boxes are like nothing else on the market – a fresh new approach to interior design that gives you the confidence AND the tools needed to create a space your family will love. 

CONFIDENCE.   Confidence that promises to eliminate self doubt, decision fatigue, design overwhelm and costly mistakes.  No more going around in circles second guessing yourself.

No matter where you live, how limited your access is to resources, or the size of your budget, our vision is to empower you to create your dream home space. Because after all, home is where the heart is. It's where you come back to yourself and where you feel most true.

This done-for-you solution takes the stress and guess-work out of interiors, putting you back in control and feeling good about your upcoming new home build or renovation.

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